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  • Sale! Weighted Blanket UK Relixiy

    Weighted Anxiety Blanket & Cover – Adults

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    With careful details and its soft hug, the Relixiy Weighted Blanket for adults is the perfect companion for truly relaxing nights. Studies demonstrate that the deep pressure stimulation generated by those blankets are helping in reducing stress, anxiety and insomnia while promoting relaxation and improving your sleep. Relixiy ® is a therapeutic weighted blanket suitable for adults and teenagers (please check our bodyweight table).

    Premium Weighted Blanket, 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

    FREE 1-2 Business Days Delivery in the UK with DPD!

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  • e-Booklet 9 ways to improve your sleep

    9 Effective Ways to Naturally Improve your Sleep

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    The author had problems with her sleep for many years, during which, she tried all the possible remedies to try to solve this. Today she not only solved the problem but also became a Certified Life Coach, helping others to improve their wellbeing and achieve their goals.

    This e-booklet summarises the author’s experience and contains 9 practical and natural ways to improve your sleep. Every tip mentioned in the booklet includes also an explanation of why and how it works. Hopefully, you will find this helpful and will manage to finally get the good night sleep everybody deserves!

    Author: Lisa P. – Certified Life Coach

    We value your time, this eBook of 27 pages is concise and goes straight to the point!

    NOTE: you can get this eBook for FREE with the purchase of one of our Relixiy Weighted Blankets.

    Disclaimer: The author is not a doctor. This e-Book contains only the personal experience of the author. If you have (or suppose to have) any medical condition, please consult your GP beforehand.

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